The dental filling procedure for children is an effective procedure that allows you to maintain healthy teeth from an early age and prevent the development of caries. It is worth noting that the possibilities of modern dentistry make it possible to treat caries in a child without using a drill. Note that these techniques can be used only at the initial stages of caries. Sometimes, it is still necessary to fill a tooth that is problematic in order to avoid complications. For example, neglected caries can become one of the reasons for the premature extraction of milk teeth, which significantly affects the formation of the correct dentition. In addition, there is a risk of infection and inflammation in the mouth. For this reason, filling of milk teeth must be carried out on time.

Features of the procedure

Note that most often, prophylactic materials are used for filling milk teeth. Their main difference from the compositions used for the treatment of permanent teeth is that they can release special components for a long time. As a result, the strengthening of the tooth can occur. It should be said that the preventive materials used are also used for permanent teeth that are not yet developed.

Tooth filling in our clinic

In our dental clinic, high-quality and certified materials are used for filling milk teeth, allowing you to perform a complete tooth restoration. If necessary, we can provide effective pain relief using computer anesthesia. The procedure is significantly different from the usual injection, which allows you to create unpleasant emotions in young patients. Note that we carry out filling of milk teeth painlessly and in comfortable conditions for the child.