The procedure for removing milk teeth is understood as a procedure that each of us faced in childhood. The specialists of our dental clinic take care of little patients. The most comfortable treatment conditions were created for them. The clinic's reception has everything you need for your baby to play, relax and get to know your doctor. It should be noted that effective anesthesia is carried out due to STA computer anesthesia, and animated films, which are broadcast in the treatment room, will distract from medical manipulations.

When do milk teeth need to be removed?

In order to avoid complications, it is not necessary to preserve milk teeth in the following situations:
  • In case of advanced caries.
  • When a cyst forms at the base of a milk tooth.
  • In the case when the baby tooth has been loose for a long time, but does not fall out.
  • When the deciduous tooth is held up, inhibiting the growth of the permanent tooth.
  • If the baby tooth takes the place of a permanent tooth, which affects the disruption of the dentition and the formation of an incorrect bite.
  • In case of serious tooth injury.
  • On the recommendation of an orthodontist, when you need to remove one or more milk teeth to form a correct bite, as well as a beautiful dentition.
  • If you have an extra tooth.

Why can't milk teeth be extracted on their own?

It is impossible to remove milk teeth on your own. The fact is that only a specialist can do everything correctly and in sterile conditions. Removing a baby tooth can cause pain or psychological trauma to the baby.

Extraction of milk teeth in our dental clinic

For a long time we have been specializing in pediatric dentistry. Our clinic has modern equipment that allows you to create the most sterile and safe conditions for patients. Doctors can approach the most fearful of fidgets and make sure their smile is beautiful.