Dental ceramic crowns are understood as non-removable structures that allow the restoration of a tooth that has been destroyed. In the case of a full restoration of the dentition, not only their appearance is important, but also the full preservation of the chewing function. Today, dental ceramic crowns are used that match the natural color of the teeth and have high strength rates. The materials used do not cause an allergic reaction and are resistant to external influences. In our dental clinic we use metal-free dental ceramic systems. One of these is IPS E.max, made on a BioHPP framework.

Among the main advantages of using metal-free structures are:
  • Metal-free crowns on the framework are distinguished by their lightness and simplicity of design. They are several times lighter than conventional ceramics. Their use is suitable for complex prosthetics of patients with periodontitis and implants.
  • Excellent aesthetic appearance (crowns do not differ in their appearance from real teeth).
  • The material is safe and hypoallergenic. It does not react with other materials and does not cause discoloration of the gums.
  • The teeth are not subject to abrasion due to their excellent wear resistance.
  • High rates of biocompatibility and resistance to the appearance of dental plaque.
  • The material has the same elasticity as the bone, which contributes to a uniform load when chewing. This is important enough for patients with periodontitis during implantation.

The specialists of our dental clinic carry out the installation of dental ceramic crowns only after a comprehensive diagnosis has been carried out, as well as the required level of therapeutic treatment. For example, professional teeth cleaning, elimination of caries foci, as well as inflammatory gum disease can be performed. In addition, we perform metal-ceramic prosthetics. During the production of permanent crowns, the patient wears temporary ones that look great and also function as natural teeth.