Anti-age prosthetics procedure is a current trend in modern dentistry. It should be noted that each person looks much younger than his age if he has a beautiful smile and teeth. A full-fledged dentition, correct bite, as well as the color and shape of the teeth are precisely the factors that have a positive effect on a person. Today, all shortcomings in this area can be corrected.

How do teeth affect a person's appearance?
  • The dentition allows you to create "support" for the tissues of the cheeks and lips (when teeth wear out during life, the tissues lose their tone and sag, creating wrinkles).
  • With age, the height of the bite decreases, which contributes to the deepening of the nasolabial folds.
  • In the absence of one tooth, a malocclusion occurs, which visually changes the structure of the face.
  • As a result of hormonal age-related changes, the skin becomes less elastic and the oval of the face "floats", revealing the lower teeth.
  • Disorders in the work of the temporomandibular joint can lead to bruxism (grinding of teeth during sleep), as well as premature destruction of crowns and fillings.

Anti-age dentistry allows you to combine complex dental treatment, as well as malocclusion. In addition, the procedure is performed with artistic restoration and dental prosthetics. Due to the correction of age-related changes in the teeth, patients look 10-15 years younger. In our dental clinic, anti-aging dentistry is represented by the following areas:

  • Restoration of worn out, worn teeth is performed using modern inlays, veneers or crowns.
  • Implantation and aesthetic prosthetics allow you to restore teeth that are missing.
  • The bite height correction visually tightens the oval of the face in the lower third and allows the visibility of the upper teeth during a smile or dialogue.
  • Restoration of the normal function of the temporomandibular composition allows a positive effect on the oval of the face and relieves patients from pain in this area.
  • Professional teeth cleaning and whitening procedures restore the natural healthy look and beauty of your smile.
  • Effective hygiene and therapy techniques can cure existing gum diseases, making them look healthy.

It should be noted that the result of the procedure is a toned face, a more youthful appearance, and no discomfort in the oral cavity. As a result, the quality of human life rises to a significant level.