The procedure of prosthetics on implants is understood as an effective technique for restoring lost teeth, which allows not only to return a beautiful appearance, but also to ensure the safety of the necessary functions. A beautiful smile, the absence of any discomfort, the correct chewing load, as well as the restoration of speech function are just some of the advantages of this method.

Among other advantages of the procedure are also distinguished:
  • Does not require grinding teeth around the denture.
  • In appearance, the implanted tooth looks like a real one and has the same functions.
  • Often the implanted tooth is several times higher than the “usual” one in terms of strength.
  • No need for periodic replacement of the prosthesis.

Special features of the procedure

Direct implant prosthetics are performed shortly after implantation, if the physician considers it appropriate. A delayed prosthetics is performed some time after implantation. It takes from two weeks to five months - each case is individual. During this time, the patient wears temporary dentures, which, by their appearance and function, make it possible to replace missing teeth. Ready-made prostheses on implants have a service life of about twenty years.

This dental procedure is performed as follows:
  • Initially, an implant is implanted into the bone tissue and temporary prostheses are installed.
  • After a certain time, the denture is installed directly on the healed implanted base using screws or cementing material.

Removable or partially removable dentures are installed on implants of several teeth or a whole dentition. In our dental clinic, prosthetics on implants are performed using high-quality metal-ceramic or all-ceramic crowns, as well as an ultra-light German frame material. The manufacturing process of dentures is carried out in the clinic's own dental laboratory.