Removable and partially removable dentures are specialized constructions used to replace lost teeth, as well as restore chewing and speech function. There are fixed dentures, for example, veneers or crowns, bridges, which are firmly fixed in the oral cavity. This type of prosthetics is not recommended for significant tooth loss. In this situation, implantation is used, or the installation of removable / partially removable dentures. It should be said that there are various reasons for the loss of teeth. These are not only dental diseases, but also injuries. Modern dentures do not affect a person's appearance and can be used at very different ages.

Varieties of removable and partially removable dentures
  • Clasp prostheses are intended for patients who have several missing teeth. The prosthesis is fixed on the patient's own teeth and gums. Such designs allow for a natural load on the chewing apparatus. In addition, they are durable.
  • A complete removable denture allows you to completely replace the dentition and is attached to the jaws using special retainers. To ensure the attachment of such a structure, implantation is used.
  • A partial removable denture allows you to replace one or more teeth, which are made of special plastic and also have hooks for fastening. Such constructions require periodic replacement and are often used as temporary ones, for the period of making a permanent prosthesis.
  • A removable denture on implants can be installed in the absence of teeth. In this case, the implants serve as a reliable and solid support for the removable structure, which allows to increase the durability and quality of such a prosthesis.

Features of removable and partially removable dentures

Modern removable and partially removable dentures are made of hypoallergenic materials that do not contribute to the occurrence of gum disease, and are also completely safe for the oral cavity. It should be said that the choice of the most comfortable design is carried out after performing a comprehensive diagnosis. It is important enough that partially schematic dentures can not only look naturally outwardly, but also not cause painful sensations, and also provide an even chewing load without injuring healthy teeth and gums.