Veneers are thin plates that cover the surface of the teeth, correcting all existing imperfections. It should be noted that the capabilities of modern dentistry allow you to correct any flaws in a person's smile. For example, it can be a discoloration of the enamel of the teeth, their darkening, as well as the appearance of stains. In addition, it is possible to eliminate gaps between teeth, cracks and chips. Veneers not only make the smile dazzlingly beautiful, but also provide additional protection for the enamel. It is worth saying that high-quality installed veneers last up to fifteen years.

Installation of veneers in our dental clinic:
  • The dentist can listen attentively to the wishes of the patient regarding the shape and color of the teeth. In addition, he conducts examination and comprehensive diagnostics.
  • It is imperative to perform professional teeth cleaning and, if necessary, to treat caries and other diseases.
  • Minimal grinding of teeth is performed and an impression is made. For the period of making permanent veneers in our dental clinic, the teeth are covered with temporary plates.
  • Once the veneers are ready, they are placed on the surface of the teeth, secured with durable and sealed compounds.
  • The patient can receive advice on oral care and hygiene.

Installing Ultras

In our dental clinic, ultra-veneers are already used, which are understood as rather thin veneers made from the German E.max glass-ceramic. It should be noted that their installation does not require enamel grinding. In turn, the aesthetic correction of the dentition is performed carefully. Ultra-thin veneers are durable and look beautiful. They can last for fifteen years or more.

In certain cases, the installation of veneers is contraindicated. Here we are talking about:
  • Serious malocclusion.
  • With a pronounced phenomenon of bruxism, which affects the increased abrasion of the enamel.
  • In case of severe diseases of the periodontal tissues.

Only after these problems have been corrected, there is an opportunity to think about the Hollywood smile and the installation of veneers.