The procedure of surgical periodontology is understood as a complex of dental techniques that are used in the treatment of diseases of the gums and tissues that surround the tooth. Note that diseases of the gums and tissues surrounding the tooth are sometimes accompanied by complications. It should be said that in the initial stages, conservative methods provide a positive result. However, with moderate to severe forms of periodontitis, or an inflammatory process, surgical intervention may be required.

Note that surgical periodontology is performed by qualified specialists. Despite its intimidating name, the procedure is completely safe. Experienced specialists perform it without pain for the patient and experience. In a short period of time, medical specialists will allow you to get rid of problems, restoring health to the gums and teeth for a long time.

The indications for the operation are as follows:
  • With the formation of deep and wide gingival pockets that cannot be cured by conservative methods.
  • In order to treat an extensive pathological process in the dental tissue.
  • For restoration of tissue and gum shape, in case of preparation for the prosthetics process.
  • In order to normalize the natural joint width of the teeth and gums.
  • When restoring bone structure.
  • To correct aesthetic defects in a smile.

It should be noted that the concept of surgical periodontology implies a wide range of different procedures. For example, a dental surgeon uses plastic surgery techniques. They can perform plastic surgery of the frenum or alveolar ridge. In addition, gum grafting or tooth crown lengthening can be performed. If necessary, flap operations, processing, as well as resection of root pockets and other procedures that are aimed at tissue regeneration are carried out. All procedures of this type, performed by the specialists of our dental clinic, are carried out in completely sterile conditions, using effective anesthesia and control of treatment at all stages.