Vector therapy is understood as the most effective method of treatment and prevention of a disease such as periodontitis. Note that the name of this procedure is due to the use of such an innovative product as Vector, which allows you to perform the most gentle removal of biofilm, deposits and bacteria. It is worth saying that it is the pathogenic microflora in the areas that is one of the main causes of inflammation of the tissues that surround the tooth.

Indications required for the use of vector therapy:
  • For patients with inflammatory periodontal disease at any stage.
  • For symptoms associated with bleeding gums, tooth mobility and discomfort in the oral cavity.
  • To provide effective supportive therapy and prevention of rejection of implants and dentures.

The main advantages of this procedure are:
  • Allows you to eliminate the causes of periodontal disease at an early stage, as well as prevent their development.
  • Vector therapy is the most gentle therapy.
  • The procedure is completely painless and is carried out in a comfortable environment for the patient.
  • The effectiveness of the result is noticeable after the first session.

Vector therapy procedure in our dental clinic

The vector therapy procedure has been successfully performed in our dental clinic for a long time. It should be said that the technique is effective and is due to the complex impact. In particular, the use of ultrasound allows the destruction of bacteria, as well as small particles in the aerosol make it possible to clean and polish the tooth surface. Experienced periodontists and hygienists recommend this procedure together with professional dental cleaning. Immediately after the vector therapy session has been performed, patients notice a feeling of health, as well as a clean oral cavity.