A dental implantation procedure is understood as a type of dental treatment that is aimed at restoring lost teeth. It should be noted that the possibilities of modern dentistry make it possible to return a full-fledged lifestyle, after the loss of teeth. Among the most effective methods in this direction is dental implantation. People have the opportunity to smile again without embarrassment and not experience any discomfort, as when using prostheses. It should be said that this procedure is carried out under the condition of effective pain relief or medication sleep with the correct supervision of specialists, at each stage of treatment.

Benefits of dental implantation:
  • The process of installing one implant takes about 30 minutes.
  • In 99% of cases, the installed implants take root.
  • The dental implantation procedure is somewhat more expensive than traditional prosthetics, but this method is more reliable and better, since healthy teeth and gum mucosa are not injured.

The procedure consists of the following steps:
  • Initially, comprehensive diagnostics is performed, which includes computed tomography of the jaws, analysis and examination.
  • In preparation for implantation, the oral cavity is improved.
  • The planning is performed by several specialists: a surgeon, an orthopedist, a dental technician, who carefully study the diagnostic data and plan treatment.
  • The operation itself is performed in a comfortable environment for the patient.
  • The period of implant engraftment in the lower jaw is two to four months, and in the upper one - up to six months.
  • After engraftment, the healing abutment is placed on the implant. Two weeks later, an orthopedic surgeon installs a special stand on which the crown is fixed.

During the engraftment of dental implants, temporary structures are made for the patient to ensure a full smile, as well as chewing and speech functions.

Dental implantation procedure in our dental clinic

Our dental clinic uses high quality implants from the world's leading manufacturers. It is worth saying that they meet international quality standards and are registered with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.