Laser plasty of the lip and tongue frenum is understood as one of the types of dental treatment, which is accompanied by a small surgical intervention, usually performed in childhood. The frenulum of the tongue, upper and lower lips are small, mucous folds that are important enough for the dentition to function properly. It should be noted that if there is a shortening, thickening or damage to the bridles, this leads to a number of problems, especially in childhood. In order to avoid complications, minor surgery or laser repair of the frenum is performed. For children, the optimal age for plastic surgery of the frenum of the tongue is up to six months, and the frenum of the upper lip - about ten years.

Problems with the frenulum of the tongue and lips

Problems with the frenulum of the tongue and lips contribute to the following consequences:
  • Violation of diction, especially in childhood.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Problems with swallowing.
  • Insufficient blood supply to the tissues that surround the tooth.
  • Incorrect bite formation.

Benefits of following this procedure:
  • During laser use, excess tissue is burned out, and damaged blood vessels and the wound surface are soldered, which contributes to bleeding.
  • This procedure is quick and painless.
  • The method is more precise, less traumatic for soft tissues, and completely sterile.
  • The recovery process is much faster than traditional surgery.

The following rules must be followed after dental treatment:
  • Do not eat or drink for two hours after the procedure.
  • A few days before the operation, the use of products that irritate the oral mucosa (spicy, sour and salty) is excluded.
  • After taking food, it is necessary to process the oral cavity with specialized antiseptic solutions.
  • Special exercises may be given by the doctor to form a soft scar and strengthen the muscles.
  • If diction is impaired, additional sessions with a speech therapist may be required.