Under the transparent aligners Invisalign understand a unique technique that is aimed at making the teeth straight. It should be said that unlike braces and plates, there is no discomfort when wearing. Using a technique like Invisalign implies “invisible alignment”.

Treatment using this technique consists of the following stages:
  • Initially, the patient's teeth are diagnosed.
  • The test results are sent for processing to Invisalign (United States of America), where the aligner is made.
  • The manufactured aligners are sent to the clinic.

System advantages:
  • Design is not visible when worn.
  • They are quite comfortable to wear and easy to take off.
  • The material of manufacture does not irritate the oral mucosa.
  • Ease of maintenance. It is required to clean the aligners twice a day, using a toothbrush and paste.

Our dental clinic offers this technique. For more information, it is recommended to make an appointment with a specialist.