The procedure for home teeth whitening is the use of specialized whitening gels, as well as other devices at home. Today, there are a fairly large number of different techniques. home whitening, for example, using whitening strips, various systems, gels and specialized mouthguard. Note that the use of certain products at home is possible on the recommendation of a dentist. The fact is that only a qualified specialist has the opportunity to choose the whitening method that will be completely safe and one of the most effective.

Home Teeth Whitening with Magic Smile System

Magic Smile system is one of the most gentle and safe for home teeth whitening. Methodology involves the use of a special whitening gel based on carbamide peroxide and his activation with a specialized LED lamp. Note that this whitening method does not impact on tooth enamel and does not damage the oral mucosa. In one course, you can achieve a whitening effect up to ten tones. In turn, the result of the procedure lasts from six months to two years. Application similar system at home allows you to support the effect of clinical whitening. Procedure totally painless. In addition, the LED lamp can additionally perform the function of a pulsating massage, which positively affects the condition of the gums.

Home teeth whitening with Opalescence

This home teeth whitening system also provides for the use of a whitening gel based on peroxide urea. One of the main advantages of the gel is that it does not have any dehydrating effect. effect. Thus, after using it, there are no problems with increased sensitivity. For execution procedures home whitening, the attending physician will provide an individual kit that includes specialized whitening gel, mouthguard and storage container. The concentration of the substance and the schedule of the procedure determined individually, based on the condition of the patient's teeth.

Mouthguards and gels for home teeth whitening

In order to perform home teeth whitening, special aligners can also be used. Under them understand removable structures that allow you to completely repeat the shape of the tooth and which are worn over them. Note, what are they are made individually, from specialized hypoallergenic materials, directly in the laboratory dental clinic. They are provided with cells that can be filled with bleaching gel. This solution is easy to use and maintain. They are also suitable for home bleaching and case reducing tooth sensitivity or caries prevention.

It should be noted that home teeth whitening systems are selected individually for each patient. In such case, you can ensure the safety and efficiency of use. A schedule should be drawn up by the dentist performing the procedure at home. In addition, a specialist selects a certain concentration and dosage whitening gels. In order to achieve maximum results, as well as perform whitening and maintain the effect, it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of the treating specialists.