Laser teeth whitening is a fairly widespread trend in modern dentistry. Enough often, the natural shade of the teeth is not very attractive visually. For example, human teeth may be yellowish, which seriously affects the beauty of the smile, as well as the feeling of comfort. Today, such procedure like laser teeth whitening is performed using modern equipment that does not injure enamel, and also allows you to get the desired result.

Features of the procedure

Initially, an examination of the oral cavity and comprehensive diagnostics are performed. It is imperative to perform professional brushing your teeth by removing tartar and plaque. To brighten the enamel on the tooth surface, a special gel should be applied containing carbamide peroxide. It is activated with a laser beam, in within 30 seconds. The laser acts on the tooth pointwise. For this reason, there is no risk of damage to the surrounding soft fabrics. Note that the enamel of the teeth in this case does not overheat during the bleaching process. More often than not, enough one procedure in order to get the expected result. It should be said that the laser whitening procedure teeth cannot be carried out in the presence of foci of caries, enamel cracks or inflammation, as well as bleeding gums.

Benefits of performing the procedure
The main advantages of this procedure are:
  • Ability to whiten teeth by 6 tones or more.
  • The enamel is not injured and there are no painful sensations during the whitening process.
  • Several shades of teeth can be whitened in one procedure.

How to save the result of the performed procedure?

The result of laser teeth whitening is preserved for a long period of time if the certain recommendations of a dentist. For example, within 3-4 days after performing the procedure, it is necessary follow a certain diet. Experts do not recommend consuming chocolate and drinks that contain dyes. It is also not recommended to drink tea and coffee. In turn, for daily oral hygiene, medical a specialist recommends delicate cleansers, a soft toothbrush, as well as specialized rinses.